A Within Wellness and Healing Retreat weekend offers you...

  • Enjoy a Nature Walk, including hiking, a creek and expasive farmland.
  • Experience simple, relaxing meditation techniques, restoritive yoga, a healing circle & creative activities.
  • Class: Classes on Spiritual Topics
  • Beautiful Missouri Ozark farmland for you to explore.
  • Sharing with those on spiritual journeys like you.
  • Delicious meals, including fresh produce, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. All meals are served buffet style allowing you to make your own choices.

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Spiritual Retreat

$222 per Person

Retreat Costs

Costs are on a per person basis of $222.

Prices are all-inclusive and cover accommodations, meals, classes & activities. Within Wellness and Healing Retreat starts Friday evening and ends at 10:30 am on Sunday. It's best to arrive before 6 pm, however, we will have dinner available until 8 pm when we start our first activity.

Canceling and Rescheduling

It is rare for the weather to be bad enough that an event is cancelled, but if that does happen, you will recieve a full refund. Other cancelations are refundable minus a $100 deposit up to 14 days before the event. Please call to cancel.

Arrival and Departure

You may check in whenever you like after 4 pm on Friday. The program will begin with dinner at 6 pm. We end at 10:30 am on Sunday. Lunch will not be provided on Sunday. Check-out time is 11 am.

Guest Guidelines

  • No recreational drugs, firearms or fireworks.
  • Smoking is permitted ONLY outdoors. Please be considerate of others. You will need to remove your butts.
  • No pets on the grounds.
  • The house has a septic tank, so don't flush anything except toilet paper.
  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 6 am.

Itinerary & Menu



Where are you located?

We are staying at Ozark Highlands Farm in Carthage, MO. Specific directions will be emailed to you prior to the event.

What are the accommodations like?

The home has 5 bedrooms with a total of 13 beds. You may choose your bed upon arrival. It will be first come, first choice. We will be sharing 2.5 bathrooms. This is a working farm with chickens and cats outside.

How many guests can you accommodate?

We are limited to 13 women on this retreat.

How many people to a shared room?

Most of the beds are in a shared space. You will be sharing a room with 2-4 other women.

Are the bathrooms private?

Attendees will be sharing the 2.5 bathrooms.

Do you have internet access for guests?

Yes. Basic DSL is available. Cell service is unreliable in this remote area. A landline is available for emergencies.

What kind of food do you serve? Can you accommodate special diets?

Five delicious buffet-style meals are included with the cost of your stay. We have a variety of snacks available all day.  We can accommodate most special dietary needs by offering meals buffet-style with many choices. You will be able to build your own meal to meet your individual needs. Please let us know ahead of time any special needs so that we will be sure to have enough.  A refrigerator is available for storing special foods or drinks guests might need during their stay. We will provide water, tea and coffee to drink. If you need soda, beer, wine, etc. you will need to bring your own.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

We like to keep the retreat casual. Loose-fitting casual attire, like sweat clothes, comfortable pants and T-shirts are appropriate for all activities. If you plan on participating in a hike, please bring walking shoes.  We suggest a good pair so that you can enjoy the beautiful grounds. You also might want to bring clothes to wade in the creek. We also suggest you bring a jacket so that you can be comfortable outdoors in the spring/fall temperatures.

What kind of yoga do you offer?

We offer many types of yoga. During the retreat, we will be doing mostly restorative yoga. It is a powerful, yet gentle practice. It is suitable for everyone - all ages, all body types, and for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

I've never done yoga before. Will that be a problem?

Prior experience to  yoga is not necessary. We will be able to adapt the poses for your own body. If you have serious physical limitations (heart disease, history of stroke, glaucoma, even very high blood pressure), please speak with us when you arrive to the retreat.

Can mobility-challenged people visit your facility?

A guest must be able to walk over uneven ground and climb steps at this retreat. The building is not handicap accessible.

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate pets at  this retreat.

Have More Questions?

Send a private message to Within Wellness and Healing's Facebook Page or give us a call at 660-890-4748 with any further questions about the retreat, how to register, etc.


Taking some time for inner rejuvenation is occassionally necessary.  Going on a retreat could be the solution you need for finding peace in your hectic life.  While going on a vacation can often give you the break that you need,  a retreat is so much more than that. A retreat is a time of conscious, spiritual opening  and making an enjoyable effort to rise to an entirely new state of awareness. Below you will find 4 tips to get the most out of your retreat, making it both relaxing and spiritually rewarding.

1. Find the Right Environment.

The proper environment is vital for the perfect retreat. Choose a place that is harmonious with your own spiritual inclinations. For example, if you are a heart-oriented person, you may not feel comfortable in a strongly intellectul environment. If you're new to being on a retreat, go somewhere that offers individual guidance. Guided group activies are also encouraged, such as yoga postures, meditation, nature walks, etc. Look for a place with beautiful natural surroundings. Being quiet within nature's beauty can be quite restorative. You want to choose a retreat that will give you time and space to be  with other like-minded individuals, as well as alone when needed.  You need to feel safe to explore your spirituality, so find a place where each person's unique spiritual journey is honored and everyone's needs are served.

2. Prepare for the Retreat.

While you don't need to know anything about yoga or meditation before attending a retreat, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself for the event. Give some thought to what you'd like to focus on during your retreat time, maybe that's healing a relationship or working on future goals. Setting an intention for your retreat often helps give you momentum.

3. Take on a "Worry Fast."

As soon as you leave for the retreat, put any and all problems out of your mind! Tell yourself that the more you focus on the joy of the presernt moment, the more inspiration you'll have toward your intention, even after the retreat is over. When you can put your issues aside, you might just find the answers you've been looking for.

4. Relax & Enjoy Yourself.

When you go on a retreat, you're planting a spiritual seed within yourself. Through time, watering it with spiritual efforts will allow it to sprout into the flower of peace and joy that you desire to be.