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Energy Healing Sessions

$60/hour or $35/half hour

Choose Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Sound Therapy or a Combination for your session.

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Intuitive Counseling


Talk with Teresa about life issues and receive intuitive information to help you make informed choices.

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$60/hour or $35/half hour

Your individualized reading can include Tarot, Angel Connection or a Soul Painting.

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Yoga Consultation


Tam suggests postures, breathing and meditation individualized for you and your individual needs.

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The Whole Package

$100/hour and a half

The Whole Package includes Energy Healing, a Yoga Consult and Counseling.

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Within Healing Training 1 &2

All Day Trainings (approx. 6 hours) $333 for each level

Learn how to connect to Universal healing energy.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a deeply relaxing process where Universal healing energy is directed into your body to facilitate healing. You will lay on a table fully clothed, and the practitioner will put their hands on certain points on your body. You could experience a hot or cold sensation where the hands are or you may feel tingling. You could experience seeing colors or images, or have emotional responses like crying or laughing. Or, you may just feel deeply relaxed. Some people even fall asleep and that is OK too. You will have your own unique experience. The practitioner may also make movements above your body, place crystals on you or play musical instruments (sound therapy). During your session, we will follow our intuition. Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to talk about your experience and the practitioner may share intuitive messages with you.

What is Shamanic Energy Healing?

During a Shamanic Energy Healing session, the practitioner will lead you on a journey, this is a kind of guided meditation. On this journey, you may meet spirit animals, ancestors, guides or angels. The practitioner may perform techniques to dissolve or cut energetic cords (release ties to people or experiences in your past that are not good for you), retrieve lost parts of your soul (reclaim your power you may have lost in relationships in the past), or interpret dreams. You will have the opportunity to discuss your experience and any messages you may have received.

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What is a Yoga Consultation?

If you go to a traditional Western yoga class, you are likely to do a predetermined exercise routine. If you are lucky to have a good teacher, you may even be lead through some breath exercises. However, yoga can be so much more! Each posture is designed to work on a specific area, a chakra or even emotional issues. Breath techniques have different effects on the body and soul also. You will talk with Tam to determine what you need most in a yoga routine and then she will teach you the postures and breath techniques to achieve your individual goals.

What is an Intuative Counseling Session?

Counselors provide guidance using psychological techniques. What does that mean? Counselors listen to you and offer ideas you can use to help you cope with feelings and situations including anxiety or depression. Teresa will also include intuitive information in the process to create a more holistic treatment.

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What is a Reading?

An intuitive, psychic or medium accesses information that is not concrete or observable in the material world. They may receive the information from specific gifts like Clairvoyance or Clairaudience. They many connect with angels, spirit guides or past loved ones. This information is often very helpful. Tools may be used to help interpret the messages. Some of those tools include pendulums, tarot cards, angel cards or art work.

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